Comprehensive Takaful Policy


Almost everything, from the smallest unit of machinery to the largest structure, is exposed to risk. Be it fire, earthquake, flood or storm, or other perils like explosion, burglary, or theft, it only takes a fraction of a second to destroy what you've worked so hard and taken so long to build(and may take even longer to rebuild!). It is at times like these that you need a partner, someone you can always count on for whose strength, reliability, and trust - that's us! Takaful Pakistan Limited. Only Takaful Pakistan can offer you a comprehensive and yet affordable Fire policy that not only safeguards you against the losses that can arise due to fire and allied perils, but that does so in a Shariah-compliant and approved way.


Fire Takaful Policy provides basic cover against Fire & Lightning and loss or damage by explosion of gas used for illumination or domestic purposes.

Allied Perils

To safeguard your properties against various natural disasters and other perils, we offer add-on covers as follows:

  • Explosion

  • Riots and Strikes Damage

  • Malicious Damage

  • Impact by vehicles

  • Aircraft or Articles dropped there from

  • Earthquake, Fire & Shock

  • Atmospheric Disturbances

  • Burglary and Housebreaking

  • NigthWork

  • Electrical clause 'B'

Contribution Rates

We charge equitable rates depending upon various factors like occupation of the risk, nature of process, class of construction of the buildings and other hazards associated with the risk.