Comprehensive Takaful Policy


Theft of and/or accidental damage to motor vehicles have become all too frequent in our daily lives. With the increasing number of accidents on roads and the surging costs of repairs, comprehensive motor coverage is highly recommended. Takaful Pakistan provides a complete solution for all your motor related concerns, on or off the road.

Vehicle Classification

  1. Private Cars
  2. Commercial Vehicles
  3. Motorcycles

Product Features

The product is offered in the form of the following three classes for all the above classes of vehicles:

Third Party Liability Policy:

This policy provides coverage for the Participant's liability against Death &/or Bodily Injury to the Third Party and/or property damage thereof arising out of the use of the said vehicle. The damages to the Participant's own vehicle are, however, excluded.

Motor Comprehensive Policy

This policy is designed to cover the risks of liability as per Paras 1 & 2 above as well as loss of or damage to Participant's own vehicle. The policy provides coverage against perils like:

  1. Damage to vehicle by accidental external means, fire, lightning, explosion, self ignition, burglary, etc.

  2. Riots & strikes as well as malicious acts.

  3. Earthquakes, floods, inundation, storms, etc.

  4. Accidents while in transit by rail, road, air, inland waterways, life or elevator.