• Motor Policy

    Theft of and/or accidental damage to motor vehicles have become all too frequent in our daily lives. With the increasing number of accidents on roads and the surging costs of repairs, comprehensive motor coverage is highly recommended.

  • Fire Policy

    Almost everything, from the smallest unit of machinery to the largest structure, is exposed to risk. Be it fire, earthquake, flood or storm, or other perils like explosion, burglary, or theft, it only takes a fraction of a second to destroy what you've worked so hard and taken so long to build(and may take even longer to rebuild!).

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  • Health Policy

    Micro Takaful Health policy will cover the expnses incurred due to sickness or accidental injuries. This helps and protects the under-privileged class of our scoiety from high & unexpected healthcare expenses in return of a nominal amount of contribution.

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  • Marine Cargo Policy

    Marine Takaful is of great significane for a nation's economy that heavily relies on foreigh trade by way of exports as well as imports. The technical staff of our Marine department provides excellent customer service by offering expert advice on the right type of policy required at the most reasonable rates.

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  • Personal Accident

    Life is full of uncertainties and unexpected events. No one can avoid such circumstances but can minimize its consequences. Personal Accident Takaful from Takaful Pakistan Limited can help to protect you against losses due to accidents.

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